Aflas® O-rings

O-rings made of Aflas are generally utillized in chemical and high temperature applications.

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Aflas ® O-rings Products

Aflas ® material is an elastomeric based flouorubber, a copolymer of tetrafluroethlene and propylene.This elastomer offers excellent chemical resistance and high temp qualities, with serviceability in the temperatures up to 550 degrees F depending on environment.

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Aflas® O-Rings

Aflas® (TFE Propylene)

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Aflas, a recently introduced material, is unique due to its resistance to petroleum products, steam, phosphate esters and brake fluids.  In some respects it exhibits media compatibility properties similar to ethylene propylene and fluorocarbon. It has fair resistance to brake fluids and phosphate esters while exhibiting good resistance to petroleum oils. Aflas is finding interest for seal applications requiring petroleum resistance, steam and amine resistance such as those applications encountered in the petroleum industry.  Aflas o-rings are great in applications requiring petroleum and brake fluid resistance or petroleum and phosphate ester resistance.  The temperature service range for this material is -20oF to
+446 oF.

Aflas® O-Rings

aflas o-rings
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Petroleum fluids & steam
Petroleum fluids & amines  
Petroleum fluids & brake fluids
Petroleum fluids & phosphate ester

Aflas® o-ring sizes:

-005 to -030 -031 to -111 -112 to -141 -142 to -165
-202 to -223 -224 to -253 -254 to -279 -318 to -337
-338 to -364 -368 to -426 -428 to -461

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Aflas O-Rings Properties

Excellent heat resistance with continuous service temperature capability of 446°F, chemical resistance including resistance to strong acids and bases, high electrical resistivity, excellent oil resistance.

Temperature Range:

-20 F to +446 F

Recommended use of Aflas® O-Rings

Inorganic acids, alkalis, high temperature steam, polar solvents, organic bases, hydrocarbon oils, amines and amine corrosion inhibitor systems, and hydrogen sulfide bearing fluids.

Aflas® is a registered symbol of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

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