PTFE Joint Sealant

Expanded PTFE also refereed to as micro porous polytetrafluoroethylene, is an exceptional sealing material for a wide range of reasons.

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Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant

Because it feels like a dense marshmallow, it is soft and conformable. It will fill irregularities in flanges, with minimal compressive load. Since it requires such little load, it is the preferred material for glass lined pipe flanges.

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It is clean, and approved by the FDA for food processing applications. It will not contaminate or discolor the product being sealed.

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
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EPTFE is chemically inert, having a Ph range of 0-14 (except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine). Making it ideal for chemical plants. Often plants have found it much more cost effective to keep spools of EPTFE joint sealant on the shelf instead of having to stock a gasket for each size flange in the plant. This reduces inventory requirements and reduces costs.
EPTFE has a temperature rating of up to 600° F (315°C). Unlike PTFE or sheets made of Dupont's Teflon (PTFE) resin, Expanded PTFE (which is often made using Dupont's PTFE) has been expanded allowing air to create micro pockets in the extruded sealant, which is then stretched into shape. EPTFE has a smooth surface providing an excellent sealing surface.

EPTFE Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant is EPTFE extruded into an oblong shape with a smooth flat top and bottom, A pressure sensitive adhesive is then added to one side. The result is a material that can be easily installed on any surface. Just peel the protective paper off the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) , like a bumper sticker, and attach it to the surface to be sealed. On a typical flange the joint sealant needs to be overlapped in one spot to complete the sealed area, and then compressed. There will be a slightly higher load on the overlapped area, but only in the most fragile glass flange does this become a problem.

EPTFE Joint Sealant
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