Spiral Wound Gaskets

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.

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    Become a SealSales.Com and American Seal & Packing  Affiliate today and start getting your share of the explosive e-commerce industry. All you have to do is sign-up and you will receive a "Commission Link" sent to you by e-mail. This "commission link" will allow us to track the customers who are sent to our "SealSales.Com online store" through your website or advertising banner. Here's how it works...

    When you sign-up as an affiliate by filling out our "affiliate form" you will receive a response e-mail generated by our server. Included in this e-mail, will be a "commission link" with instructions on how to activate your account, and how to install this link on your website. This link allows our software to track visitors and customers who are sent to SealSales.Com online store through your site. This tracking method is done by logging that customers IP address, and through the use of cookies. When a customer clicks on this link located on your site, they are immediately sent to our "SealSales.Com Online store" and. Our software immediately starts tracking to insure you the "affiliate" gets the commission if a sale is made. This is a very sophisticated software program. For example, even if a customer visits our SealSales.Com store through your site and does not make a purchase today but decides to come back a month later and makes a purchase, you will still get the commission for that sale. Even if they enter through another distributors website or our corporate site. In fact, you will get credit for the sale for up to (60) days from the time that customer first enters our store through your site. We call this a referral sale. In other words, the person who referred the customer gets full commission for the sale. Through our unique software program, you can be assured you will get the proper credit you deserve for the sale.

    Our software even allows you to:

      1. Check the number of visitors who have clicked on the "commission link" on your website or advertisement.
      2. Check your commissions
      3. Check total year-to-date commissions
      4. Check total number of sales
      5. Check total sales volume waiting approval
      6. Commission volume waiting approval
      7. Sends you an e-mail when a sale is made along with the customer information including: (purchased product description, product number, amount, and transaction type)

    You will earn from 5%-10% commission on every product that you sell through SealSales.Com Online Virtual Store. At this time e-commerce is in its infancy, and this is the perfect time to take advantage of an opportunity that has a global impact.

    Evidence of the e-commerce growth is the fact that online purchases from 1997 to 1998 have tripled! Online purchases are expected to increase as more people become familiar and comfortable with making purchases on the Internet.

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