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The ONLY pure flexible graphite braided packing  ThermabraidŽ packing is ideal for use in pumps and valves in petrochemical/refining, hydrocarbon processing, pulp and paper, power and other industrial applications.

It is made of ONLY GrafoilŽ Flexible Graphite.

There are no binders or resins and no wire filaments. Only pure ThermafoilŽ GrafoilŽ Flexible Graphite. Thermabraid is resilient, compressible and thermally conductive. It eliminates shaft and stem wear, is self lubricating and applicable to an extremely wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Thermabraid Braided Packing is fire safe, compatible with most  fluid mediums and can be certified for nuclear use. It provides universal service, long life, low maintenance and leak-free operation in most all applications.

Thermabraid Braided Packing is everything that makes flexible graphite ribbons and molded rings the top choice for fluid sealingSand more.

 The big advantage

The big advantage of choosing Thermabraid Braided Packing over ribbon material or molded rings is in it's ease of use. There are no precision measurements to be made, no expensive dies and no wrapping of lengthy strips of ribbon around the valve stem.

There is no inventory of different size rings for different valves, no "splitting" of rings to fit around awkward shafts and no question as to whether you are installing the right ring.

Thermabraid is convenient, easy to use, and available in square cross sections from 3/16" to 1".

Simply cut the material to a length sufficient to surround the valve stem within the stuffing box and repeat the procedure for the appropriate number of rings (see installation instructions for details).

Thermabraid Braided Packing saves time and cost installation and delivers the sealability for which flexible graphite is known. Give your  Thermabraid representative a call for  more information.


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