Spiral Wound Gaskets

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.

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Twenty five years ago the Internet or "information superhighway" as it is often called, was basically an academic and government network of networks. Nobody dreamed it would get so big. Today, it has blossomed into not only a communications medium, but an enormous business opportunity for millions of people worldwide. Information that used to take hours or weeks to transfer can now be sent around the world in a matter of seconds through e-mail. Just think, today you can get e-mail, make your own website, do research, watch videos, listen to music, hold conference calls, and go shopping all from the comforts of your own home.

At home, the Internet has become a reason to buy a personal computer. The Internet has followed the PC into the home by the millions. About 65 percent of American homes are now connected and according to most estimates, we're adding about 5 million more per year. Internet numbers are growing faster than those of television or VCR. Still, we're a long way from saturation. This is good news for those who see the growth of the Internet as a powerful attraction for commerce.

Lets get down to business (e-commerce) while it can be said that the Internet is making inroads to the office, it seems that all roads lead to electronic commerce (e-commerce). From individual entrepreneurs running their own shops to multinational corporations, the place to be is on the Web. This isn't hype. Discussions among business leaders show that acceptance of e-commerce is real and present. Recent surveys show that more than 10 percent of Americans are buying online with those numbers expected to drastically increase within the next few years.

That is why we at SealSales.Com feel so strongly that you can create an Internet presence through an Internet online store of your own.  It's easy to do if you follow a few steps and put the time into promoting your site.  We will provide a front page to your website AT NO CHARGE !

Step 1)  Register a Domain Name of your choice :
www.yoursealstorename.com using the settings we will  provide. Or, you can use a generic domain name like:                    
Step 2)  Discuss your site with our Webmaster who will set up your space on
our server and provide a  completed web page for your site. FREE 
Step 3) Publicize your web address to the search engines, to your friends, to
your family, to your local  refinery, brewery, paper mill, power plant,    
water treatment plant just about any industrial plant that has pumps and
Step 4)  Track your commissions and cash your monthly commission check

An online (Web) store is a lot like any other store, only very different. An online store typically sells things through a catalog, much as a mail-order business does, but online everything happens much more quickly. Customers can surf to a store, enter, browse and purchase all within the space of a few minutes--and other than the customer, no human being is involved.

This is why American Seal & Packing's Affiliate Program (SealSales.Com) was started. Having over 20 years of successful Seal marketing experience, and a proven track record in sales and marketing, we felt that partnering with the right, honest aggressive-minded people, and positioning ourselves strategically, using technology to take our product to the marketplace, we could create an incredible business opportunity.

And that's exactly what we've done. With the SealSales.Com Affiliate Program you have everything you need to be successful in your very own seal business. 

We at American Seal & Packing believe we have put together the perfect business opportunity for those people like yourself who would like to be in business for themselves, become financially independent, and build a financial future for their children.

Today, it seems we have so many business opportunities to choose from, but very rarely does an opportunity with enormous potential of the Internet cross our paths.

We welcome you to become a partner with one of the most innovative, seal companies of this decade,  a company that has the vision and strategy for success to be a leader in the new Millennium.

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