Single Cartridge Seals

Style ASP-SCS Single cartridge seals. An inexpensive soultion to problem mechanical seal applications.

Double Cartridge Seals

There are many types of Cartridge seals available, back to back, tandem, face to face, etc. Some are energized with metal bellows, while others are energized using multiple springs. Each have there place. In recent years VOC and Fugitive emmission requirments have become more stringent making Double Seals in greater demand. Many applications that use to be handled by single cartridge seals now must use a double seal. This AST seal is one of the better ones on the market. With a simple multi-spring design, the Type 80 is very durable and a problem solver.

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Double cartridge seals

are complete seal units containing a gland, flush ports, sleeve, seal faces, o-rings, set screws, and gaskets.   Double seals provide an extra safety factor for those problem applications.

Nothing is simpler to install or more reliable than a cartridge seal.


1"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1000CS                Price:   $1330


1.25"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1250CS                Price:   $1350


1.375" double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1375CS               Price:   $1350


1.5" double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1500CS               Price:   $1355


1.625" double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1625CS               Price:   $1360


1.750"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-1750CS               Price:   $1282


1.875"  cartridge style seal AST 80

AST80-1875CS               Price:   $1295


2"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2000CS               Price: $1533


2.125"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2125CS               Price:   $1635


2.250"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2250CS               Price:   $1844


2.375"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2375CS               Price:   $1934


2.50" double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2500CS               Price:   $2075


2.75"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2750CS               Price:   $2635


2.875"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-2875CS              Price:   $3070


3"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-3000CS              Price:   $2970


3.125"  cartridge style seal AST 80

AST80-3125CS              Price:   $3450


3.250"  cartridge style seal AST 80

AST80-3250CS              Price:   $3450


3.375"  cartridge style seal AST 80

AST80-3375CS              Price:   $3675


3.50"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-3500CS              Price: $3675


3.625"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-3625CS              Price: $3985


3.875"  double cartridge seal AST 80

AST80-3875CS              Price:   $4530


4"  cartridge double seal AST 80

AST80-4000CS              Price:   $4530

Our Style 80 seal represents the finest in double cartridge seals. If you can install packing you can install the AST 80 quicker and easier without pump modification*. The style 80 is designed for a wide range of seal service applications.

Metal Components: 316 SS standard. Alloy 20 and Hastelloy C-276* available Rotating Seal Face materials: P-658RC Carbon vs Silicon Carbide
Springs: Hastelloy C-276
O-Rings: Fluoroelastomer installed, EPDM supplied as alternate.
Aflas® or Kalrez® O-rings also available.

Pressure: 28 in (710 mm) Hg vacuum to 400 PSIG (28 bar) maximum, depending on shaft size and speed.

Temperature: -20°F to 400°F (-30 C to 205°C)
with Viton O-rings;
-65°F to 300°F (-55°C to 150°C) with EPDM

*The AST 80 seal fits all ANSI pumps which use 3/8" or larger cross section packing and have at least a 1-1/2" deep stuffing box with no modification to the pump required


Aflas® is a registered symbol of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Kalrez® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Perfomance Elastomers



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