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AS&P offers a wide range of cartridge style mechanical seals. Cartridge seals are the combination of a rotating face and stationary face mounted into a gland. The result is a seal that is easy to install and pre-set to the correct tension.

Cartridge Seals

Mechanical Pump Seals

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Single Spring Seals

Type E1 shaft Seal
ASP Type E
type D2 pump seal
ASP Type D
Type c21 single spring seals
ASP Type C

We specialize in single spring mechanical pump shaft seals for rotary / centrifugal pump applications. It's easy to replace your pump seals if you know what they are. If you do not have a pump seal number such as PS-100, you can identify what kind of seal you have, by comparing your mechanical seal components to the drawings at

If you want to use our search box on our index page, you can enter a -xxxx (your part number with a dash in front) and it will take you directly to the page with your seal on it.

Equals of: Roten, Crane, Burgman and U.S. Seal equals (ours are Stainless Steel).

ASP Equivalent Pump Seal Styles:

Type E = Type 1
Type D =  Type 2
Type C  =  Type 21

spring seal
ASP Type -A

flanged spring seal
ASP Type - B

Equivalent Styles:

Type A =  Type 6
Type B =  Type 6A

ASP Single Spring Styles are Interchangeable to Pac-seal and "Industry Standard" Seals.

If you know the dash number of the
single spring seal you want choose it below

-100 to -169 -170 to -214 -215 to -264 -265 to -310
-311 to -355 -356 to -402 -403 to -448 -449 to -497
-498 to -544 -545 to -591 -592 to -645 -646 to -692
-693 to -738 -739 to -783 -785 to -829 -830 to -876
-877 to -924 -925 to -970 -971 to -1016 -1017 to -1063
-1063 to -1110 -1113 to -1159 -1160 to -1525 -1583 to -1653
-1654 to -1698 -1699 to -2043 -2044 to -2094 -2095 to -6837

ASP Type - 1 & lB Single Spring Seals

Characteristics: Single coil spring, can have stamped/machined parts. Rubber bellows drive with drive band, rotating face may be various materials. Stamped version is less inexpensive than machined/industrial seal; unbalanced as an ASP-T-1, balanced as a ASP-T-113, fully repairable.

ASP Type-2 & 2B Single Spring Seals

Characteristics: Single coil spring, can have stamped/machined metal parts. Rubber bellows drive with drive band and carbon rotating face. Coil spring fits over the retainer, low cost in stamped version, Single Spring Seal, unbalanced as a ASP-T-2, balanced as a ASP-T-2B, fully repairable. This uses a short working length, highly accommodating & reliable, rubber diaphragm balanced Single Spring Seal which provides enhanced seal capability, performance and life.

ASP Type - 21 Single Spring Seals

Characteristics: Single coil spring, stamped metal parts, rubber bellows drive with drive band, carbon rotating face, short operating height, low cost industrial seal usually a throwaway, limited repairs, unbalanced.

ASP Type - 6 Single Spring Seals

Characteristics: Single coil spring Seal, stamped metal parts, external rubber bellows and square rubber drive ring. Molded plastic rotating face (carbon available), low cost, produced in high volume, throwaway seal not repairable and is unbalanced.

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