Viton® O-Ring Kits

Be prepaired with our O-Ring kits, Avilable in PTFE, Viton and Buna

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Viton® O-Rings

Selecting an o-ring for the right application is critical to sealing success. Viton is a material in the FKM family, it seals a wide range of chemical applications, and is available in different grades. The o-rings listed below are Type A, but we also offer type B, GLT, GFLT, FDA Viton, and Viton Extreme. Contact us at for a recommendation on the Viton® best suited for your application.

Viton® O-Rings
(FKM Fluoroelastomer)
75 Durometer

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Viton O-Ring Compounds exhibit excellent resistance to petroleum products, low compression set and high temperature resistance. 

The low temperature o-ring capability is somewhat restricted, however, in some cases the flow temperature sealing capability may be increased by specific design parameters. 

These materials meet the stringent Aerospace Specifications for o-rings AMS 7278, AMS 7279, and AMS 7280.  They are especially good for hard vacuum services and low gas permeability. 

The normal Viton o-ring temperature service range is:
 -200F to +4000F/ +4500F.

Trade names:

Fluorel® - 3M,  Fluoroelastomer, 
Viton® - DuPont Performance Elastomers.

Viton® (Fluoroelastomer) O-Rings

Viton o-rings

Media Compatibility

Petroleum Fluids
-Diester Lubricants
-Silicone Fluids
  (Above 2120F)
-Some Acids
-Selected Fluids

Non -Compatible
-Hot Water
-Brake Fluids

Viton® o-ring sizes:

-001 to -030
-031 to -111
-112 to -141
-142 to -171
-172 to -223
-224 to -253
-254 to -283
-284 to -337
-338 to -366

-367 to -395

-400 to -424

To determine the o-ring size you require go to the following link:

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