Spiral Wound Gaskets

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.

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Injectable Packing Products

Lookng for an easier way to seal your pump or valve? Tired of having to take your pumps or valves out of sevice to repack them? We have a range of styles of packing that can be injected into the stuffing box while your equipment is still in service and operating.

Injectable Packing

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#29 200GS

A blend of synthetic fibers and non-staining lubricants for general services.
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#25 300BP

A high performance, chemically resistant Injectable Packing w/bearing pellets used for the toughest applications.
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#27 400HP

A blend of high-performance fibers and chemically resistant lubricants.







0672-29-0000-06 #29 200GS 1kg. (2.2 lb) can $  160.00


0672-29-0000-09 #29 200GS 5 kg. (11 lb.) can $   801.00


0672-29-0000-10 #29 200GS 10kg. (22 lb.) can $ 1602.00


0672-29-0033-00 #29 200GS 10-.25 kg. (.5 lb) sticks $  374.00


0673-29-0000-06 #25 300BP 1 kg. (2.2 lb) can $  206.00


0673-29-0000-09 #25 300BP 5 kg. (11 lb.) can $ 1030.00


0673-29-0000-10 #25 300BP 10kg. (22 lb.) can $ 2059.00


0675-29-0000-06 #27 400HP 1 kg. (2.2 lb) can $  160.00


0675-29-0000-09 #27 400HP 5 kg. (11 lb.) can $  801.00


0675-29-0000-10 #27 400HP 10kg. (22 lb.) can $ 1602.00


0675-30-0033-00 #27 400HP 10-.25 kg. (.5 lb) sticks $  374.00

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Injectable Packing allow you to pack a pump while it is running! If you have a pump that keeps slowing production because the pump leaks, you have to shut down the pump, remove the packing, install new braided packing and finally start up again. Stop the madness !

Injectable packing is a great solution that allows you to walk up to that leaking pump, connect your injection gun to a button fitting, pump in some injectable packing and walk away.

Usually, customers first test the use of injectable packing by initally hand packing the pump. Using a ring of braided packing on the base, adding injectable packing and then placing another braided packing ring on the top. This does provide a proof of concept, and proof you have selected the right style of packing.

To get the true benifit of using an injectable packing you really need the injection gun. With the use of the injection gun and the ball check loaded in the button fitting (which is mounted to the stuffing box) packing can be added at any time the pump begins to leak. No need to shut down the pump or isolate the valve just add the required amounht of injectable packing to seal the pump or valve and your done..

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