Spiral Wound Gaskets

Style ASP-CG Spiral wound gaskets are ideal for high temperature and high pressure applications.

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Cartridge Mechanical Seal Mechanical Seals - By Part Number
ASP Type 1 (or E) mechanical seals 
ASP Type 21 (or C) mechanical seals for pumps
ASP Type 2 mechanical seals
Multiple Spring Mechanical Seals ASP-Type8
Multiple Spring Mechanical Seals - ASP-60
Metal bellows mechanical seals for pump shafts
Single Cartridge mechanical seals
Double Cartridge mechanical seals
Mechanical Seal Stationary Faces 
Graphite Gaskets

Non-asbestos ring gaskets
Cut Flexible Graphite Gaskets
Full Face Flange Gaskets
Virgin PTFE 150# Ring Gaskets
Cut Viton® Gaskets 

Gasket Material

Green Non-Asbestos Sheet Gasket Material
Blue Non-Asbestos - Gasket Material
High Temperature - Gasket Material
Buna-N sheet rubber Gasket material
EPR / EPDM Sheet Gasket material
PTFE Sheet Gasket Material
Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket Material
Red Rubber Sheet Gasket material
Silicone Sheet - Gasket Material
Pure Gum Rubber Sheet Gasket Material
Viton® Fluoroelastomer - Gasket Material

 PTFE O-Rings

Nitrile ® (Buna-N) O-Ring 
Aflas® O-Rings
Viton® (Fluoroelastomer) O-Rings
Virgin PTFE O-Rings
O-Ring Cord Stock

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Sprial Wound Gaskets - 304/Grafoil

Spiral Wound Gaskets - Non-Asbestos

Flexible Graphite Flexible Graphite Pump and Valve Packing
GFO Pump and Valve Packing
Grafoil®  Pump and Valve Packing
General Service Valve Stem Packing
Carbon Yarn Packing for Pumps and Valves
General Service PTFE Valve Stem Packing 
Multi-core Mixer Packing
Injectable packing

Injectable Packing

Injectable Packing 2

Vee Packing V-Packing Vee Packing
Fiberglass cloth and Tapes Textiles
Fiberglass Welding Cloth
Fiberglass Tadpole Tapes 
Packing Tools

Packing Extractors
Replacement Tips
Packing Knifes
Packing Tool Sets
Guillotine Packing Cutter

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